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Priyanka Chopra Car Collection, Age & Height , Money

If you want to know Priyanka Chopra Car Collection, Net Worth, Age & Height. You have landed on the right blog post. We have given all about Priyanka Chopra Car Collection, Net Worth, Age & Height in this article.

Who is Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra Jonas is a familiar Indian actress who was born in Jamshedpur and now it is in Bihar (Jharkhand).As a actress with multilingualism she has done so many films.As as Indian actress model singer she crowned Miss World after 2020.

About her education completed aerospace engineering. Regarding in social activity throughout her career she was calm advocate and philanthropist  for the underprivileged .She set up one foundation for health & education as She was a daughter of a medical professional. She was honored with the Padma Shri award also which is India’s highest civilian award.

Besides this, the article is based on a car collection of celebrities (Priyanka Chopra). Actually she is very fond of car driving so here are some of  the details I’m going to elaborate about her Car Collection.

Priyanka Chopra Age & Height

Priyanka Chopra Date of Birth18 July 1982
Priyanka Chopra Birthday18 July
Priyanka Chopra Age (as of 2023)40 years
Priyanka Chopra Height5.4 Feet, 165cm

Priyanka Chopra Net worth

Net Worth in Dollar$ 70 Million
Net Worth in Rupees₹ 576 Cr.
Monthly Income in Rupees₹ 48 Cr.

Priyanka Chopra Car Collection List with Price(ex-showroom)

Rolls Royce GhostRs. 6.95 Cr upto Rs. 7.95 Cr
BMW 5 SeriesRs. 65.40 Lakh upto Rs. 68.90 Lakh
BMW 7 SERIESRs. 1.70 Cr  upto Rs. 1.70 Cr.
Audi Q782.49 lakh upto Rs 89.90 lakh 
Porsche CayenneRs. 1.26 Cr upto Rs. 1.93 Cr
Mercedes Benz E-ClassRs 63.6 lakh upto Rs 80.9 lakh
Mercedes Benz S-ClassRs. 1.71 Cr upto Rs. 2.17 Cr
Mercedes MaybachRs. 2.69 Cr upto Rs. 3.40 Cr
Cadillac EscaladeRs 1.20 Cr 

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Rolls-Royce Ghost

Rolls-Royce Ghost

This model she owns in white colour which is around 300,000 dollar with high quality advanced features like as a night vision camera and heads-up display, besides this also Rolls-Royce Ghost model has digital driver system and 1300w audio system,

Best part of Rolls Royce Ghost

The best part of this model is its durability and acceleration, Rolls Royce ghost has 6.6- litres V12 engine with 563hp and 605 lb-ft of torque.From one aspect of my views I can say that this vehicle is a Royal luxurious car like, its ranking also over millionairs favourite brand bcoz of its uniqueness and more comfortable on wheels. It is very smooth and comfortable while driving. it’s one of the Priyanka Chopra Car Collection

This model price varies according to different cities like now its updated price starting from 6.95 crore to 7.95crore(ex-showroom) depending on the variants. Actually this model offers two variants such as the Best model of  Ghost is V12 and the Top variant Rolls-Royce Ghost V12 extended which price comes up to 7.95crs.Rolls-Royce Ghost has extra features like its Dimension capacity, Fuel type and performance, Comfortable and convenient etc.

Special features,and specifications,Price:

  • Wheel base (3465mm),(Length 5627mm,Width 1948mm and Height 1552mm)
  • Seating capacity -5 and Top speed 250 kmh(0-100km h,4.9acceleration)
  • Body and Fuel Type(Sedan,Fuel-Petrol) then No. Of doors -5 and Kerb weight in kg (2625)
  • Petrol mileage- 6.33kmpl                            

Some special Key Specification of Rolls- Royce Ghost:is Engine Displacement(cc) will be 6750,12 number of cylinder & no. of valves is 4,then for fuel supply system valves will be direct injection, Turbocharger facility,has a luxurious and large interior and sunroof moonroof facility (exterior) with integrated antenna and outside rear view mirror turn indicator. 

BMW 5 Series

BMW 5 Series

Priyanka Chopra likes grey coloured BMW 5 series, that price is about 60,000dollar. This car is powered by a luxury sedan with a 2.0 litre inline-four engine that produces 248 horsepower. Actually due to its advanced technology and sporty driving dynamics, it is available in a variety of body styles like sedan,fastback, station wagon etc. The BMW 5 series car is the top line luxurious car and is famous for its impressive features like refined handling and powerful engine with outstanding performance.

Special Features ,and specifications

  • Body style (5 door fastback,4 door sedan, 5 door wagon)
  • No.of cylinder (four and six petrol engine)
  • Mileage(15.56kmpl)
  • Engine (1998cc)
  • Seats and wheel size(5s,18w)
  • Anti lock braking system
  • Power steering

BMW 7 Series

BMW 7 Series

Priyanka Chopra likes grey coloured BMW 7 series, that price is about 90,000dollar. This car is powered by luxury sedan by 3.0 litre inline-six engine that produces 320 Hp.

It is familiar for its gesture-controlled system and advanced technology, and its elegant design. Basically it has a range of huge interior, comfortable features. According to Users satisfaction, this model has been highly ranked all over world, bcoz of its maintenance, speed, comfort, seat, interior and performance.

Special Features ,and specifications

  • Engine displacement (2998cc)
  • Fuel type(Petrol)
  • Transmission(Automatic)
  • Touch screen display(5.5inch) for rear seat telephony and media control system.
  • Body type (sedan)

Audi Q7

Audi Q7

Priyanka Chopra owns black coloured Audi Q7 that costs about 60,000 dollars. This car is powered by luxury SUV by 2.0 litre inline-four engine that produces 248 horsepower

This model also offers advanced safety features like automatic emergency braking system, lane departure warning, safety measurement ,with impressive performance capabilities.

Special Features,and specifications

  • Engine displacement(2995cc same for both petrol and diesel)
  • Pickup and mileage (depending upon variant and fuel type it is 11.21kmpl)
  • Fuel type(Petrol and diesel)
  • Transmission(Automatic)
  • Seat capacity(7)

Porsche Cayenne

Bethany Mota car collection; Porsche Cayenne silver
SRC. Porsche Newsroom

She likes Red coloured on this car collection, and it  has some unique features like a panoramic sunroof, impressive performance handling. It is a popular choice of Priyanka Chopra because of its extra High performance SUV, which can also serve as a family vehicle. Porsche Cayenne is a mid size luxury SUV which has been in the market since 2002. Porsche Cayenne is well known for Antilock braking system, Air conditioner,Passenger and driver Airbag, Alloy wheels, Multi-function steering wheel, Engine Start Stop button.

Special Features,and specifications

  • Engine displacement(2894cc)
  • Fuel type(Petrol)
  • Transmission(Automatic)
  • Seating capacity(4seat,6 cylinder)
  • Body type (SUV)
  • Fuel tank capacity(75.0)

Mercedes Benz E-Class

Mercedes-Benz GLE Class grey
img src:

Black coloured Mercedes Benz E-Class car collection is her favourite brand why bcoz it offers excellent comfortable driving experience with a powerful features like Air suspension, Panoramic sunroof(only for AMG line), Three zone climate control,LED lighting,Fully digital instrument cluster integrated with a touchscreen infotainment of same size.Price starts from 63.6lakhs to 80.9lakhs (both ex-showroom in India) 

Special Features,and specifications

  • Engine displacement(1 petrol engine 1991cc, 2 diesel engine-1950cc,2925cc)
  • Fuel type(Diesel)
  • Transmission(Automatic)
  • Seating capacity & no. of cylinder(5 person,6 cylinder)
  • Mileage (depending upon variant and fuel type it is 16.1kmpl)
  • Body type(Sedan)

Mercedes Benz S-Class

Mercedes-Benz S-Class Black
SRC. Peakpx

White coloured Mercedes Benz S-Class car collection is her favourite brand because it is a flagship luxury sedan and offers excellent comfortable driving experience is top-notch with powerful features like Air suspension, high-tech infotainment system, performance-oriented vehicle.

Special Features,and specifications

  • Engine displacement(diesel 2925cc,for petrol 2999 cc)
  • Fuel type(Diesel)
  • Transmission(Automatic)
  • Seating capacity & no. of cylinder(5 person,6 cylinder)
  • Mileage (depending upon variant and fuel type it is 13.38kmpl)
  • Body type(Sedan)

Mercedes Maybach

Mercedes Maybach

Mercedes Benz Maybach S class price ranges between 2.69 crore to 3.40 crore depending on the selected variant types(as variant available S580,S680). According to its Key specification it has ranked on top level as mentioned same above features of all car collections,only some extra performance based specification added here like 

Special Features,and specifications

  • 12.8inches digitally instrument cluster, Heads up display(HUD),MBUX connectivity
  • Acceleration(4.5to 4.8sec)
  • Power and torque (496 to 603bhp)
  • Fuel type(Hybrid & Petrol)etc.

Cadillac escalade

Cadillac escalade

It is one of the luxurious car which special specification was so amazing so Priyanka Chopra owns her car collection.

Special Features,and specifications

  • Its top-notch interior
  • 7 seat capacity
  • 277-420 horsepower
  • Users friendly infotainment system
  • The engine paired with a 4 automatic transmission
  • Semi-autonomous Driving mode
  • Leather cover dashboard

Priyanka Chopra Car Collection

Frequently Asked a questions(FAQS)

How many cars does Priyanka Chopra have?

Priyanka Chopra owns several luxury cars as she was fond of car driving, from their list some models was also her almost favourite brand.

Does Nick Jonas have a Rolls Royce?

Yes, Rolls Royce Ghost was Fst car model from her car collection list.

What car does Nick Jonas have?

Fisker Karma, which allows a car to go with a speed 0-60 mph in 5.6second.

Who owns the highest cars in India?

The Sultan of Brunei owns the world’s biggest car collection.

Which Indian girl owns a private jet?

Kanika Tekriwal Indian girl(32 aged) owns a private jet who was the founder of JetSetGo plane aggregator(aircrafts company)

Does Priyanka Chopra have a private jet?

No, but we saw her travelling with her husband’s posh private jet.

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