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Jensen Ackles Car Collection, Age, Net Worth & more

In the glitzy world of Hollywood, where stars shine bright, Jensen Ackles is a name that has carved its own path. With a net worth of $14 million, Jensen has made a mark as an American actor, director, producer, and singer-songwriter. Best known for his iconic role as Dean Winchester in “Supernatural,” which aired on The CW from 2005 to 2020, Ackles has left an indelible impression on the entertainment industry. But there’s more to this talented individual than what meets the eye. Let’s delve into Jensen Ackles’s net worth, career, and personal life, and take a closer look at his impressive car collection.

Jensen Ackles Biodata

Full NameJensen Ross Ackles
BirthdateMarch 1, 1978
BirthplaceDallas, Texas
NationalityPuerto Rican, American
ProfessionActor, Director, Producer, Singer-Songwriter
WifeDanneel Harris
Educational BackgroundGraduated from LV Berkner High School in 1996
Early CareerStarted as a model in ads for companies like RadioShack, Nabisco, and Walmart at age 4
Notable RolesDean Winchester in “Supernatural,” Eric Brady in “Days of Our Lives,” Priestly in “Ten Inch Hero,” and more
Theatre DebutPlayed Lt. Daniel Kaffee in “A Few Good Men” in 2007
Voice ActingVoiced characters in animated features such as “Batman: Under the Red Hood” and “Batman: The Long Halloween”
MusicCo-founded Radio Company with Steve Carlson and released albums like “Vol. 1” and “Sounds of Someday”
Current ProjectsCast as Ben / B.C.L. RED / Soldier Boy in “The Boys” and narrating “The Winchesters,” a “Supernatural” prequel spinoff
ProductionFounded Chaos Machine Productions with wife Danneel Harris
Recent TV AppearanceFeatured in “Big Sky” in 2022
Family BusinessCo-owns Family Business Beer Company with Danneel Harris’s family

His Age, Height & Physical Appearance 

jensen ackles
img src:
Height6 feet 1 inch (185 cm)
Age45 Years
WeightApproximately 175 pounds (79 kg)
Hair ColorDark Brown
Eye ColorGreen

Jensen Ackles’s Early Life and Career

Jensen Ackles, the renowned actor and artist, had a humble beginning. Born on March 1, 1978, in Dallas, Texas, he grew up in Richardson, Texas, in a loving family with his parents, Donna and Alan, who was an actor, and his siblings Joshua and Mackenzie. His education took him through Dartmouth Elementary, Apollo Middle, and LV Berkner High School, where he graduated in 1996. Even during his school days, Jensen showed his talent by participating in the school’s theatrical program and playing sports like lacrosse and baseball. Remarkably, he began his modeling career at the tender age of 4, appearing in ads for companies like RadioShack, Nabisco, and Walmart.

jensen ackles

Jensen’s career in the entertainment industry started in 1995 with “Wishbone.” He continued with appearances in shows like “Sweet Valley High” and “Cybill.” In 1997, he landed the role of Eric Brady in “Days of Our Lives” after a stint in the NBC sitcom “Mr. Rhodes.” His journey took him to different aspects of entertainment, including producing and acting in short films and featuring in the “Superman” prequel series “Smallville.” His theater debut as Lt. Daniel Kaffee in “A Few Good Men” was well-received.

Jensen’s versatility extended to voice acting, with roles like Red Hood in “Batman: Under the Red Hood.” In 2018, he co-founded Radio Company and released music. He ventured into production, appearing in “The Boys” and working on projects with his wife.

His personal life is equally captivating, with his marriage to actress Danneel Harris and the birth of their three children. Their joint venture, the Family Business Beer Company, adds a unique touch to their story, making Jensen Ackles an inspiration in Hollywood and beyond.

Jensen Ackles Net Worth

When it comes to luxurious car collections, Jensen Ackles is no stranger to the world of high-end automobiles. With a net worth of $14 million, it’s no surprise that Ackles has indulged in some of the finest cars that money can buy. Let’s take a ride through Jensen Ackles’ car collection, where luxury meets his passion for exceptional vehicles.

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Jensen Ackles Car Collection

Jensen Ackles is not just an actor, director, and singer-songwriter; he’s also a classic car enthusiast. His collection boasts some of the most iconic and timeless cars that have graced the automotive world. Each car tells a story and reflects Ackles’ appreciation for the artistry and craftsmanship of a bygone era.

1. 1967 Chevrolet Chevelle SS

 1967 Chevrolet Chevelle SS

One of the crown jewels of Jensen Ackles car collection is the 1967 Chevrolet Chevelle SS. This classic American muscle car is a symbol of power and performance. With its distinctive design and a roaring V8 engine under the hood, the Chevelle SS is a true collector’s item. Ackles’ passion for vintage cars is evident in his choice of this masterpiece.


Engine194 cu in (3.2 L) Hi-Thrift I6
230 cu in (3.8 L) Turbo-Thrift I6
250 cu in (4.1 L) Turbo-Thrift I6
283 cu in (4.6 L) Small-Block V8
327 cu in (5.4 L) Small-Block V8
396 cu in (6.5 L) Big-Block V8
Transmission3-speed manual
4-speed manual
2-speed automatic
3-speed automatic
DimensionsWheelbase: 115 in (2,921 mm)[2]
Length: 197 in (5,004 mm)[3]
Curb weight: 3,256 lb (1,477 kg)

2. 1970 Oldsmobile 442 W-30

1970 Oldsmobile 442 W-30
img src:

Another gem in Ackles collection is the 1970 Oldsmobile 442 W-30. This classic muscle car is a testament to the golden era of American automobiles. With its sleek lines and a powerful V8 engine, the 442 W-30 represents an era of uncompromising speed and style. Ackles’ love for the classics shines through with this remarkable addition to his car collection.

Key Features

  • Engine: 455-cubic inch V8
  • Horsepower: Approximately 370 bhp
  • Transmission: 4-speed manual or 3-speed automatic
  • Key features:High-performance W-30 package
  • Ram Air induction system
  • Red plastic inner fenders
  • Special camshaft
  • Lightweight components
  • Heavy-duty suspension
  • Performance rear axle
  • Rallye 350 wheels
  • Sporty appearance package
  • Notable option: Hurst dual-gate “His and Hers” shifter

3. 1969 Chevrolet C10 Pickup

1969 Chevrolet C10 Pickup
img src:

The 1969 Chevrolet C10 Pickup is a nod to the rugged and dependable vehicles of yesteryears. Ackles’ appreciation for classic trucks is evident in this choice. With its timeless design and robust performance, the C10 Pickup is a versatile and enduring classic. Ackles has not only embraced classic cars but also classic trucks, adding depth and character to his collection.

Key Features

  • Engine options: Various engine options, including the 250 cubic inch inline-six, 292 cubic inch inline-six, 307 cubic inch V8, and 350 cubic inch V8
  • Transmission options: 3-speed manual, 4-speed manual, and 3-speed automatic
  • Body style: Two-door pickup truck
  • Notable features: Sturdy and reliable frame, spacious cargo bed, classic design, comfortable interior, and a smooth ride.

4. 1967 Ford Bronco

1967 Ford Bronco
img src:

Jensen Ackles car collection wouldn’t be complete without the iconic 1967 Ford Bronco. This off-road legend represents the spirit of adventure and exploration. With its compact yet robust design, the Ford Bronco is a symbol of freedom. 

Key Features

  • Engine options: Various engine options were available, including inline-six and V8 engines.
  • Transmission options: Typically equipped with a 3-speed manual transmission, but some models had automatic transmissions.
  • Body style: Two-door SUV
  • Four-wheel drive: The Bronco was designed for off-road adventures, and four-wheel drive was a standard feature.
  • Removable roof and doors: The early Ford Broncos featured removable hardtop roofs and doors, making it a versatile vehicle for different weather conditions.
  • Compact size: The Bronco was relatively small, making it easy to maneuver on and off the road.
  • Off-road capabilities: Known for its impressive off-road performance, the Bronco was designed to handle rugged terrains.


Jensen Ackles’ journey from a young model to a versatile artist and a dedicated family man is a testament to his resilience and talent. His success in the entertainment industry, spanning various roles in TV shows, films, and music, has solidified his position as a multifaceted personality. Beyond his professional accomplishments, his personal life, marked by a strong bond with his wife and the joy of parenthood, adds depth to his story. Jensen’s commitment to his craft and his unwavering support for his loved ones serve as an inspiration to many, showcasing the power of passion, hard work, and the importance of cherishing one’s roots. As he continues to make his mark in the world of entertainment, Jensen Ackles remains a shining example of perseverance and dedication in pursuit of one’s dreams.

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